Welcome to a satisfyingly synchronous episode of our podcast. One of us had cake.

Then we got into the news of the week.

Professor Sasquatch of Centralia Community College just gets weirder.

The PR hazards of forcibly re-accommodating a passenger were not good but the rumor chaos that followed was bad for the poor passenger involved.

A North Korean missile blows up real good. (The Sun), also see New York Times story, and Youtube video of our early rocket failures.

Read about the philosophy behind this podcast

Then, our main discussion is on marching for 21 different goals and science-unrelated values. We express our concerns about the mixed messages of the March for Science that took place on Saturday (after we recorded).

OH! Have we got a podcast? Yes. And this is how it got its name.

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Here is the entire ?BOMB? episode. Enjoy. Apologies in advance for those who just don?t get it. You may have to be 14 years old. At least I learned about Thatcher. Vegetables and peace?

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