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News of the world

There is now a hotline to report crimes by illegal aliens.

  • Alien Day? Didn?t know this was a thing. I do now. Thanks, U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security!

Vandals are a problem at the bridge. The ghost stories surrounding the Sachs bridge in Gettysburg are certainly bringing more people in to try to ?capture paranormal activity?. Here are some examples of photos:

Top left: Mist ? looks like cigarette smoke. Also, note the graffiti on the floorboards. Top right: Likely fog from humid air captured inside the structure exiting into cooler air. Bottom left: Orbs are dust, water drops or insects reflecting camera flash. Bottom right: This looks like a ghost app addition. Needs a debunking.

Me pointing to people trying the cigarette experiment right before Kenny goes to question them about it. Photo: Kenny Biddle

The Fyre Festival was a disaster.

Science and society

Marching and promoting science: Is it reaching the right audience with current strategies? Sharon says no.

We?ll be talking about Bill Nye?s new show in the next episode, but here is more from media reporting on marching and advocating for science policy.

What was the Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson live show like?

Science in the White House. Make America scientific again!

Sorry for the buzz and compression issues you may notice. We think we can fix this for the next episode. (We used science to figure out why this was occurring.)

To our regular listeners: Sadly, we must announce Howard?s End. He has decided to leave the show (no, he wasn?t fired or fyred). We hope he comes back to visit on occasion. He?ll be greatly missed.

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