What a crazy news week it was. We start on a sad note.

News items:

Dead whale/giant squid ? Even the natives don?t recognize weird dead things.

This is what a giant squid carcass looks like. No bones. Not whale-sized.

New Nessie hoax


Creationist at the Grand Canyon

Oroville fish fall I was going to put a picture of fish that fell from a height here but I think you can imagine what that might look like. So, I spared you the gore.

  • I use a fish fall scene for the banner at Group of Fort. If you are interested in these kinds of phenomena, come join.

MUFON scandal

  • MUFON PA site still looks like it hasn?t been updated since 1999. Their philosophies are even more retro.

Spooky geology:

Our main discussion is a review of Bill Nye Saves the World on Netflix

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