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A news blast from the paleo world made top science headlines this week saying the great and powerful T. Rex is unfeathered.

Tyrannosaurus rex tail skin

Read the study that caused the news headlines and controversy.

A man in La Crescenta, Southern California, takes a shaky, unclear video of a wooded area and later claims there is an ape in the trees. Is it an ape? We say no. Why do some people jump to extreme conclusions? Here is a link to the video of a so-called mystery animal in the Tensas River. It?s no animal, either. It?s understandable that people really wish these marvelous explanations were the source of their anomalies, but that?s not realistic. Utilize Occam?s Razor for a safe bet: when you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better one.

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Mjolnir pendant (Hammer of Thor)

The man who stabbed the Good Samaritans on the Portland, Oregon train was a white supremacist who subscribes to the idea that Viking culture has something to do with white power. He is confused (among other bad things).

Sharon gets an email solicitation from the Haldeman Mansion and a kerfuffle ensues about the ethics of creating a haunted past to fund the expensive present.

Haldeman Mansion

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