Mummies, aliens, and alien mummies. It?s a strange strange world out there?

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70th anniversary of Flying Saucers

Kenneth Arnold describes his flying saucers.

?Anonymous? needs to be ignored. Their goofy (and boring) claims are baseless and should not be considered ?news?. Real people have to waste valuable time debunking this s**t.

Gwnyeth?s GOOPy stickers

The ultimate in gullible: books don?t stop bullets. DN story on bullet in a Bible hoax.

The ?Alien? mummy. Extra info:

Mummy from the Paracas, culture, Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology, Lima, Peru.

Correction to Jeb?s comment Maussan was involved with human remains before. The Atacama remains, instead, was touted by Steven Greer.) Also, here is an interesting vision of what ELSE might be coming.

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If you google ?Bullet in a Bible?, you?ll get a Green Day concert. Recommended. It?s kick-ass. Don?t wanna be an American Idiot, do you?
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