This video reportedly from Doukkala region of Morocco was worth putting up and discussing. You can imagine if you were the people experiencing this you MIGHT be a bit concerned and amazed. There may be a reason to be concerned but it?s not from chemicals from planes but from what you dump into the river.

It?s foam. Likely sea foam. Conditions of the water and wind were right to produce this unnerving scene captured in the video.

foam moroccoThis area is near the sea where wind can whip up foam from waves that coats entire towns.

Seafoam spectacular in Seaton Bay

Hold the foam!

Algae can be the catalyst for the foaminess but pollution that can act as a detergent, like sewage, or factory discharges can also be a cause.

Foamy pollution creates huge problems in Bangalore

This incident in River Lea in 2014 created foam blobs that look a lot like the ones in the video, making me suspect the water way shown may have had some sort of contaminant that erupted into foam when it reached the sea.

bubbles of foam

Incident on the River Lea in 2014 in the U.K.

Rumor online (from the typical tabloids and mystery mongering sites) was that it was clouds falling from the sky or that it was related to chemtrails. However, no one saw clouds in the sky descend. It appears that many just assumed this as the foam bits were moving around. The article from Morocco World News also notes that it could be from the river though people have some rather weird excuses that make for more exciting reading. Use of capital letters, exclamation points and fearsome words don?t make your claim true.

Yes, it looks like a cloud but if it was a cloud, it would not actually bounce like this since clouds don?t have structure like bubbles do.It?s CERTAINLY foam. Where it came from and why remains a question. They might want to do some testing of that water.

We had a similar cloud to ground story from an Arabic source in 2012 but sadly, the links to the story and video are now gone.

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