I saw this story and had a good laugh. A new US government office with an ?alien? reporting hotline is being trolled. Seriously? the administration whose head supported Alex Jones and promoted conspiracy ideas did not anticipate that this would happen? Wow, the depth of incompetance is just limitless.

Trump?s immigrant crime hotline trolled with calls about aliens and UFOs

The Department of Homeland Security is angry that the hotline for crime victims is overloaded with jokers reporting alien ?violations?. The space-alien ?grays? are legendary for abducting people and forcing upon them very invasive examination. (Not unlike some border patrol agents, hmm.)

The purpose of the hotline is to highlight the incidents of illegal immigrants who victimize Americans. According to statistics, this extra effort is baseless. And, it makes little sense. Those who are in the country without permission would be very stupid to call police attention to themselves. They wish to remain hidden and so are less likely to commit a crime. Besides, no justification has been demonstrated that these particular crime victims need a special office, VOICE, for their reporting. There are already means to report such crimes. This is clearly a manufactured problem in order to influence public opinion about illegal immigrants. It?s a waste of money and promotes misinformation. So, I?m glad it is failing. Put money to better use, on real problems.

The Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office (VOICE) was launched on ?Alien Day?, April 26, a day to commemorate the Alien movie franchise. It?s only a year old so it?s not well known but, this is the Internet, people KNOW.

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