The man tours as if there was no tomorrow. But there is. Actually, he will be hitting a stage in Seoul (South Korea) tomorrow. This guy has been touring since February 1st of this year. Forget that. He actually started touring exactly 40 years ago. This time around, his ?57th & 9th Tour? has already taken him from Vancouver to Washington D.C., all over the United States. But he is only getting warmed up.

During this tour, the first European concert took place on March 21st in Barcelona. In April, he continued in South America. After Asia, where he is now, he will return to Europe in about two weeks from now. If anyone needs a clone, it is Sting, whose original name was Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner. That way, he would be able to perform in Atlanta and Osaka simultaneously, while having a nice Cesar Salad in a hotel suite in Santiago de Chile, if he had a second clone.

With Sting, the usual country sayings, such as ?Quality music and success are not compatible? do not apply. This man actually managed to have a stunning career by spreading high quality Pop music after the 1970-s. That makes him one of a kind.

On September 16, 2017, he will hit Bulgarian soil for the second time. For the first time ever, he will be performing in Sofia, in the largest hall available, Arena Armeets.

Yes, the Russians do love their children too. And they did during the Cold War, when that song was recorded. And yes, the man has an unmistakeable voice. His song lyrics are political, philosophic, and definitely politically correct. As an artist, Sting is perfect. Maybe a little too perfect, since he also tries to simplify many of his songs, in order to appeal to the masses more. Sure, his success proves him right. On the other hand, his arrangements could sound a little more adventurous. But, hell, there are always heretics.

Considering the man is 65, he does cut a fine figure, by looking 64. He is a singer and songwriter, but also an actor. For The Police, he wasn?t only the lead singer and front man, but also the main song writer. Yes, ?Roxanne? and all of that. And, so far, he has received a total of 16 Grammy Awards. Yes, 16, sixteen. S-i-x-t-e-e-n. Any Ikea shelf would fall apart under the weight. In short: He was drowned in awards. And he has sold over 100 million records.

When Sting comes to Sofia on September 16, 2017, everyone will be back from their summer vacations. Even though they will have spent all their money in Halkidiki, Venice and Sozopol, they will have to pay 70 to 140 Leva per ticket. And still, Arena Armeets might fill up rather quickly. Ticket sales are to commence on June 2nd.



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