The Mutual UFO network headquarters issued a ?non-pology? saying they can?t police people?s personal views after PA Director, John Ventre, posted a racist rant on his personal Facebook page about a Netflix series.

Note the five ?likes? on this post. UFOlogy is dominated by conspiracy ideas and run almost entirely by older white men. From following the history of flare-ups in the MUFON community, it?s clear they have problems across the board. Blatant racism might just come along with the crowd. The stench of pseudoscience is also all over the nonsense in the FB post by Ventre which consists of several outright untruths. That seems to be a recurring theme for some high-profile UFO researchers ? promotion of ideology through pseudoscience and conspiratorial ideas.

The avoidance response by MUFON HQ, written by Jan C. Harzan, Executive Director, is not going over too well. Ventre has been ?censored? by MUFON and removed from some features. The comments reveal that several people would like him gone completely and for MUFON to outright disavow this ugly sentiment.

Back in September, MUFON revealed they are trying to ?rebrand? their org. Good luck. That?s a lot of stink to be removed.

Thanks to Lance Moody for the tip.
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