Imanuel Marcus at the Opatovac refugee camp Croatia in September 2015

Frontex is here, Czech police forces will be helping Bulgaria too. On the other side of the western border, Hungarian police forces will support Serbia in their efforts to secure it. Of course, the Bulgarian Border Police, the part which was not fired or arrested for corruption, is busy as well. The Bulgarian government?s and the President?s dialogue with neighbours, other partners and Turkey is in full swing.

Just to make sure there is no misunderstanding: Bulgaria?s geographical location definitely dictates political and other efforts. The same applies to the country?s economical situation. And yes, border protection is necessary. Also, the refugee crisis indeed needs to be dealt with by trying to improve the situation in the countries of origin. I admit the refugee wave does come with dangers. Radicals are among the refugees. Terror organisations are trying to use the crisis to their advantage. On top of that, there are male refugees with a twisted view on women and some might be criminal. Any offences need to be dealt with, according to the laws.

But, there is quite a list of problems, which are being caused in Bulgaria:

1. Those Bulgarian laws, according to which crossing the border in and out of this country illegally, leads to prison sentences, is scandalous. NGOs, such as the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, who have been saying so for a long time, are absolutely right. The UN has blasted Bulgaria on this aspect as well ? and rightly so.

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(Main photo: Imanuel Marcus at the Opatovac refugee camp, Croatia, in September 2015)



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