A discouraging update on the Nazi gold train said to be located in Poland. Back in August, even the culture minister was hopeful it was real. Alas, there were many reasons to be very skeptical as we noted back then. It turns out, no evidence that it is real has been forthcoming. A team of geologists looked for what should have been a clear signal delivered by remote sensing equipment, it was not there.

?There is no train,? Prof Janusz Madej of the Polish mining academy told a press conference in the city of Wa?brzych. The conference was attended by dozens of journalists and television crews who began following the gold train story after the treasure hunters made their claim in August. ?The geo-magnetic model anomalies would be far greater if there was a train,? he said. Madej spoke after a team of scientists spent a month surveying a site at the 22-mile (35km) mark on the Wroc?aw-Wa?brzych railway line identified as the train?s resting place.

Source: There is no Nazi gold train, Polish scientists say | The Guardian

A team of geologists and engineers surveying the purported location of a Nazi train filled with gold, gems and weapons concluded that it does not exist.

Source: Hopes Dashed Again in Hunt for Fabled Nazi Gold Train in Poland ? The New York Times

The Krakow University team of geologists and engineers used magnetic and gravitation methods and found some anomalies that may indicate a tunnel but no mass of metal that could be a train.

Of course, this doesn?t dissuade the treasure hunter, Piotr Koper, who STILL thinks it?s there. Possibly, previous surveys by the treasure hunters interpreted anomalies as a train. But it wasn?t. Let?s face it, the odds were dim so this is not a surprise.

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